Sunday, September 17, 2006


1st Tues of every month 6:30pm = meetings
3rd Tuesday of every month 6:30pm = movie nights

Nov 4th = Benefit Concert 2006
Neff Recital Hall 7-11pm
Bands slated to play:
Rehab After Party
Missing Murders
Scotty and the Help
Streetlamps for Spotlights
New and exciting things happening this year. Stay tuned. Tibet will be free~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radical Tibetan separatists masterminding violent incidents

The Dalai Lama is now urgently to contact the central government again. However, this urgency doesn't mean that the Dalai

clique wants some "substantial progress" in the relationship, because they know clearly their requirements, such as sending

international organizations to Tibet, and taking care of injured Tibetans, are totally excuses and propaganda.

The central government's attitude has been consistent: China will not accept the proposal of investigation by foreign agencies,

because Tibet issue is China's internal affair.

Besides, the fact of the May 14 incident is clear -- riot made by desperadoes and violent monks-so there is no need to seek

further investigations by international organizations.

Dalai's second requirement, treating injured Tibetans, is also ridiculous, as those who got injured were all police officers,

soldiers and innocent citizens, who were rushed to hospitals after the riot.

In contrast, most of the rioters fled the scene when police arrived. Though some of them were caught or surrendered, none of

them were physically hurt.

Even the Dalai clique could not give specific names of the so-called injured rioters. The Dalai clique, positioned on the side

of rioters, is not even qualified to talk about treating the wounded because it's them who caused death and injuries.

What kind of "substantial progress" they are demanding? Is it "protection of Tibetan culture" or "protection of Tibetan

religion"? Actually their claim is ridiculous.

Tibet has been part of China since the Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century. So it is beyond all doubt that Tibetan culture is

weaved in the texture of Chinese culture. It is Chinese government's duty to protect Tibetan culture, which can be testified by

the money and gold that the central government have substantially invested on maintenance of Tibetan temples.

"Tibet Independence" is the premise of Dalai Lama's alleged "sabotage of Tibetan culture." As for "sabotage of Tibetan

religion," it is equally absurd. Chinese government will not intervene in religious issues if monks hadn't taken part in riots.

It is Chinese government's duty to put down commotion if riots take to street.

"Dalai Lama's return" constitutes in the alleged "substantial progress". But if Dalai Lama clique insists on separation,

Chinese people will not allow the separatists to come back to Chinese soil.

Dalai Lama clique actually knows clearly about the situation. They want to make noises in the international communities. They

also rely on "Tibetan Youth Congress" to make body bombings.

There are no difference between Dalai Lama clique and Tibetan Youth Congress(TYC) since Dalai Lama and the TYC leader Samdhong

belong to the same group.

We believe that Dalai Lama clique are masterminding another violent riots.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Riots in Tibet and Tibet temple

Tibetan monks have been the pioneers of the past and current riots in Tibet. One reason for this phenomenon is owing to the

influence from the Tibetan separatists abroad. Some senior monks abroad like Dalai Lama impose religious effects on those monks

at home. The other reason is connected with Tibet temple system.

It will be much clearer by comparing Tibetan temples with American churches.

Few religious staff in US church and the routine work of the church is mostly undertaken by social volunteers.

Most priests are invited from other churches.

The fortune management, gardening, cleaning, and daily repairing are mainly in charge of professional workers. These volunteers

and workers have little common standing on interest.

While in Tibetan temple, thousands of monks are fed by temple. Monks have done nothing but take on religious affairs thus the

temple gets bond with monks tightly. Monks are prone to be used by religion leaders and result in riots.

According to American laws, preaching is a profession and children are forbidden to be recruited into churches as priests.

Churches can set up schools, but they are all under the control of local educational institutions. Contents and requirements of

courses are similar to other schools. Only quite a few church school graduates are involved in religious affairs. In the

monasteries and temples, however, it's common to admit children around ten years old as Lama. They are educated, trained and

brought up by those temples and through over ten years' "religious brainwashing", some of the Lamas will develop some deep-

rooted thoughts that differs from social norms. And even some temples may become the cradle for the new generation of


Police offices are in charge of the security in American churches. Requests of assemblies or gatherings of more than thirty

people need to be filed to police for approval and police officers will be responsible for the security according to rules. But

in temples in Tibet, disciplinarians, also lamas, are in charge of the security. They are supported and trained by the temples

and obedient to the abbots or leaders of the temples. In fact, they are an unofficial armed force of those temples.

Seminaries in universities and colleges conduct theological researches in America, and clergymen all graduate from seminaries.

But in Tibet, Lamas control the researches of theology, Tibetan medicine and calendar. Temples are both the place Buddhists

worship Buddhas and research centers of Tibetan theology. As a result, Tibetan people take Lamas as sovereign authority and

prestige and worship Lamas blindly. Temple abbots and Lamas also develop great influence and appeal day by day, which can be

made use of and instigated by people of some political purposes.

In the United States, the church is a kind of non-profit organizations, which should be registered with the state governments

in the form of shareholding limited enterprises, but have no right in business operation, printing or publication. In China's

Tibet, however, temples, in addition to donations, admission revenues and government subsidies, could also engage in business

operations, planting and breeding industries, and could even print and publish publicity materials, and are exempt from income

taxes. Temples in Tibet enjoy the rights and "freedom" even the United States dares not to grant to their churches, and this,

to a certain extent, promoted a small group of temple personnel to regard them as "privileged" groups.

We could cite more similar cases.

Therefore, temples of Tibetan Buddhism must be reformed. In this way, temples could become a positive factor to ensure social

stability, instead of becoming a factor instigating social unrest and riots.

9:26 PM  
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